Learn A to Z of Contouring and Get Those Secret Tips.

A major change in the makeup world has been the introduction of contouring. Every Makeup Artist (MUA) be it YouTube, Instagram or in reality advice that contouring is always a big YES ! All celebrity MUAs have been super open about the makeup methods they employ on your favorite celebs. And contouring the face is a major step in this process. Stick with us till the very end for some life altering contouring hacks. 

What’s Contouring?

For those of you living under a rock, contouring simply means providing some essential definitions to the face or a body part. A popular misconception is that it’s just for the face. This ain’t the case. Contouring can be done anywhere on the body. Also women are not the only one to use it. Majority of actors to show off those carved in abs use contouring for enhancement. It is contouring that makes those pesky pecs pop! 

Contour For Dummies

Any definition will be visible only if there is a balanced interplay of dark and light tones. Not too get too much into the intricacies of it. Contouring is done with a darker color than your complexion. Obviously not too dark to give off the impression of a muddy job. The idea is to make it subtle and effortless as possible. 

Two Types of Contouring Products

Contouring kits or any makeup available in the market nowadays is broadly divided into – Cream Products & Powder Products. As in understandable by the name, Cream Products have a creamy base and the latter a powder one. You can try out both for yourself and see what floats your boat. 

Choosing the Right Contouring Product

Everyday new and new makeup floods the market. From drugstore brands to elite brands all pitch in their best products for us. But this creates some unwanted confusion. Take a deep breath and try out what you feel is good for you and your pocket as well. 

Give that Face Some Contour!

After going through our list of contour products to try out, you might have found the perfect one to proceed further. 

For the perfect chin and jawline – Using a powder or cream contour product, dust lightly or blend perfectly into your natural jawline. MUAs use the inverted triangle technique below the chin to cover up that double chin. 

For the perfect nose – Create two contour lines on either side of the nose bridge, be sure to blend it into your eye sockets and now create a V at the lower tip of your nose. Blend away for that Natalie Portman signature nose style. 

For those perfect cheekbones – Make a fish face and suck those cheeks in. This way you could find your cheek bones if they are not prominent. Dust contour lightly there and take it back to the ears. 

For that slick forehead – For contouring the fore‐ head, apply contour close to your hairline and blend it in. This will give the impression of a smaller forehead. 

What contouring does is that it makes your face slick, gives it dimension and makes it more snatched. Although overdoing it may look like you have been playing with mud on your face. Makeup should blend in perfectly. No garish or harsh lines should be visible. The key is BLEND, BLEND and BLEND ! 

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