5 Easy Hacks To Lose Weight

5 Easy Hacks To Lose Weight
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This appears to be the most sought out question in Google. Why won’t it be? At some crossroads in our lives, we come across a demon named ‘overweight’, where we struggle to lose that extra ounce. This war to lose weight is not only a cool alliteration that I just came up with but is known to be a major issue people seem to face. To help you provide arms in this war against weight, we are here to give you some working hacks on how to lose weight and get fab!

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Do You Need to Cut Weight?

Before embarking on your weight loss journey to the battlefield, make sure it’s your war and if weight is really your enemy. In simple terms, you ought to be sure that you are actually overweight. This step is important because many of us have this bubble in our heads that they need to cut. Be sure. Get your doctor’s opinion on your weight based on the height and weight chart.

Set Your Goal!

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Well, it is not terribly bad news if you are a little overweight. Simply set a realistic goal weight and work towards it in a positive manner. Taxing your body to the limit is not healthy, unnecessary and not suggested to.

5 Hacks To Lose Weight

To enter that weight loss zone, your body has to enter in a calorie deficit. It means simply burn more calories than you consume.
This calorie deficit is possible if you burn more in your workout – working out for losing weight is different than working out to tone up those muscles. Understand and curate a workout regime specifically aimed at losing weight. Don’t just mimic others. Reach out to trainers and other platforms for help if needed.

1. Cardio Is Your Buddy

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You have heard this time and again that doing cardio of any sorts besides your workout regime is necessary. Cardio not only functions as a warm-up but as a fast and effective calorie burner. Check out skipping and running as cardio to add some groove into your mundane workout regime.

2. Chug Hot or Cold Water

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This might sound silly, but there is scientific proof to it. Drinking hot or cold water, burns calories. Having drinking water that is too hot too cold besides normal room temperature, gives the body a task. A task to bring the water to the body’s temperature. This task in the process takes up stored body calories as fuel to work and voila you just burn calories by drinking water.

3. Reach for Fat Free Dairy

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Going for fat-free dairy is not just a celebrity created fad. It is crucial to cut out fat in any form if you are in a cutting phase. Go for fat-free milk, butter, less cheese, or cottage cheese. There are numerous options to choose from. The idea is to choose healthily.

4. Keep Moving!

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They say sitting is the new smoking. Obviously, because it makes you a couch potato, and mostly lazy. Both resulting in weight gain. if you are bound to your workplace or home, be active. Be on your hooves for the maximum amount of time.

5. Low Carb, High Protein Diet

Low Carb, High Protein Diet
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Carbs or carbohydrates are not your foes but of course, only the good ones are your friends. Carbs give us the energy to function. Therefore, they cannot be cut out entirely from a diet. Reach out for foods low in carbs, high in fibre like fruits and high protein like lentils, fish, chicken breast, egg white, etc.

These were some of the hacks to begin with. But they come into action only with your dedication, self-control and motivation. These three are the vital elements that will guide you in your weight loss journey.

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